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 Taketo Kataoka was born in Tokyo, Japan. He began the piano at the age of three by Yamaha music school education system. When he was age five, he took the professional lesson for the first time from Rie Atarashi. He also started studying composition and improvisation with her.

In 2011 He enrolled in The Music High School Attached to The Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts, studied with legendary professor Katsumi Ueda. When he was 18 years old, he met Akira Eguchi who is an outstanding and extraordinary pianist, then Taketo decided to continue  studying in Tokyo University of the Arts with Akira. In 2014-2016 he got a scholarship from Yamaha Music Foundation.

He earned Bachelor degree from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2018  


He appears many concert, summer academy, and competition in Europe, Asia and US.

He is also passionate about chamber music, working with strings players, wind players, and vocalists throughout Japan.

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